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Make your bathtub a real spa!

Giving a spa-like feel to your bathroom is absolutely possible. A classic bathroom can take on the appearance of a spa already through color. At this time, it should have warm colors, such as beige and chocolate or pearl gray. We must banish white, which is a cold color.

Regarding the furniture, it is necessary to remove the plastic, it is better to adopt the wood, to put on the ground of the grating and stools or a bench in teak. Towels, meanwhile, must be in the same tones as the color of your bathroom, so warm and warm. No rough towels, more fluffy towels. Also avoid bending them, but it is best to roll them with a drop of essential oil falling inside each one.

The centerpiece, then, is your spa bath, also called a spa bath. This has massage nozzles that will massage the whole body. While being very ergonomic, the spa bath only accommodates one person. And this is a major drawback if you want to enjoy the benefits of water together.

If your bathroom is large enough, you can also install, at this time, a real spa with several places. And you will be able to share the benefits of your spa with others. On the other hand, unlike a balneo bath or spa, it is not possible to use shampoo and foaming products in the real spa. The real hot tubs has a capacity of 500 to 3,000 liters depending on the number of places. So it is not possible to change the water with each use.

If you want to put a real spa in your bathroom, know that there are spa promotions right now that are likely to interest you.


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